Sugarcane Management: How to water manage sugarcane?

Sugarcane Management How To Manage Sugarcane Water During Winter Team Agrowon

325 To 35 Million Liters Of Water Per Hectare Is Required For Annual Sugarcane, Generally 38 To 40 Water Cycles Are Required. Sugarcane Water Management Agrowon

Drip Irrigation System Saves Up To 50 Percent Of Water. Sugarcane Drip Irrigation Agrowon

Drip Irrigation System Should Be Used After Physical Examination Of The Soil. Since The Drip Irrigation Water Reaches Both Sides Of The Irrigator, Moisture Should Be Checked To Ensure Sugarcane Irrigation Agrowon.

Light But Frequent Watering During The Germination Stage As Well As During Shoot Establishment Is Important For Sugarcane Agrowon

Excessive Water Reduces Sugarcane As Well As Sugarcane Yield Mild Water Stress Increases Sugarcane Yield Sugarcane Agrowon

In The Beginning, It Is Important That The Soil Is Only Wet. Sugarcane Drip Irrigation Agrowon

If There Is Water Stress In The Initial Period, The Land Remains Dry, So Germination Is Late And Less. Sugarcane Irrigation Agrowon

If Water Is Used Excessively, The Eyes On The Sugarcane Rot And The Sprouts Also Die If The Water Stagnates In The Field.