Industrial automation is the use of control systems, such as computers or robots, to perform tasks in an industrial setting without direct human intervention. There are several reasons why you might consider learning about industrial automation:


      1. Improved efficiency: Automation can help increase productivity and reduce costs by reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing errors.

      1. Enhanced safety: Automation can help improve safety in the workplace by reducing the need for human workers to perform tasks that may be hazardous.

      1. Increased accuracy: Automation can help improve the accuracy of tasks by reducing the potential for human error.

      1. Greater consistency: Automation can help improve the consistency of tasks by ensuring that they are performed the same way every time.

      1. Better decision-making: Automation can help improve decision-making by providing real-time data and analysis to help managers make informed decisions.

    Overall, learning about industrial automation can be a valuable skill for professionals working in manufacturing, engineering, and other industrial fields. It can help you stay competitive in a rapidly changing job market and open up new career opportunities.